Worst Essay I Have Ever Written

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Freud believes that it is part of everyone’s personality to seek pleasure through violence; it is part of the “ID.” However, the ego negotiates between the ID and superego, meaning the majority of people can regulate between the morals of society and their own pleasures. I agree with this, as does Sara Shepard, the author of “Pretty Little Liars.” I believe that people who seek pleasure through violence are ill minded, and have psychological issues, due to the fact that the ego should be able to tell the brain to follow the morals of society. ‘A,’ a character from Pretty Little Liars, nobody can solve the mystery regarding who exactly ‘A’ is, however they are ill-minded, and seek pleasure in harming others as a joke. Ill-minded people like this are evil.

Most people follow the morals of society, but still enjoy violence. How the person goes about enjoying it is what differs them from everyone else. For example, an individual could can enjoy watching crime shows, such as CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order and many others. Even though they enjoy these shows it does not mean that they would go out and seek to hurt someone the way the criminals do to their victims in the show. In “Pretty Little Liars,” Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Spencer are all good people. They do not go seeking violence, they do not seek harm. This is the way most people in society are. These ‘good people’ have a good ego. Meaning it is negotiating their wants to work with the morals of society.

A very select few are ill-minded wishing only harm upon others. ‘A’ from “Pretty Little Liars” is one of these select few. She or he makes it their goal to ruin the lives of Aria, Hannah, Emily and Spencer. For example, Aria gains an interest in a man during the summer; little did she know he was her new English teacher. They keep it a secret between only them; they were not going to let that tare their new love for each other apart. However, ‘A,’ knows everything. They know how Aria’s dad (a...
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