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Importance of Thankfulness
To be thankful is to be conscious of the benefit they have received. Too many people take things for granted. Many people believe that things come for a reason or that they come because you want them. Hard work goes into getting those things and when you get them some rarely thank the individual. Thankfulness is more than saying “thank you” it’s being happy with what you have, what you or others are able to provide for you. Not wanting more than you already have. From experiences I have been deemed as an unthankful person not being gracious for what I have. I am always told that kids elsewhere have it worse off than I do and they are happy with what they have. I don’t think I’ve ever thanked my parents for putting food on the table or buying me clothes. I found it as something expected that they would just do because they were my parents. As I get older I realize the work and effort put in by parents to provide for their kids. Just saying “thank-you” goes a long way with some people because they know that you are acknowledging what they have done for you.

That’s why today I’m going to start off with a story. Over the break I was lucky enough to participate in flower city work camp. Honestly I didn’t want to go; who would it takes away your whole spring break. I worked on this women’s house and the things that we did for her she was so grateful for even the little things we did she was more than grateful for. This made me put a new perspective on life is more thankful for things no matter how big or small they are because people put work into it. Many people look back on their lives wishing they had thanked their parents more because honestly you don’t know what you have until its gone. As people age their perspective changes truly realizing what work their parents went through not knowing how they did it. Some people don’t realize how much their parents worked to get in their position.

Kids these days don’t realize how lucky...
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