The Analysis of Financial Situation of Ogdcl

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ACCA provides it’s students and exclusive advantage through the degree partnership with Oxford Brookes University on completion of ACCA part 2. After part 2 ACCA students have to complete a research and analysis project on one of topics given by Oxford Brookes University on any organization of their choice and can obtain B.Sc degree from Oxford Brookes University. This bachelor’s degree recognized and honored through out the world and provides a base step towards master degree. This analysis reports can be used in decision making and performance evaluation of any entity by the different user according to their needs and requirements. The authorized topics by Oxford Brookes University are almost 22 in numbers for this Research and Analysis project. In the topic selection process, I felt various difficulties about;

❖ Availability of detail and authentic information about authorized topics. ❖ The application of limited information available on the apparent organization. ❖ Performance of broad and comprehensive analysis without knowing real aspects.

But my this difficulty was resolved by my mentor at my first meeting. I discussed with him some clear proposal of my choice of topic, aims, objectives and limitations of my report. After detail discussion and exchange of views, we reached at the conclusion of performing on following topic;

“An Analysis of the Financial Situation of Your Choice of Organization”

The selection of this topic was as a result of various influences and views discussed with my mentor. Some of which are as follows;

❖ The approved and authentic easily available information. ❖ This analysis provides overall summarized sketch of company’s financial performance and operating achievement of their desired objectives against certain standards. ❖ The topic is easily understandable, having broad, simple and clearly defined scope.

According to above-mentioned positive comments about topic, it seems that drawing such a clear, comprehensive and complete financial picture of a whole organization is to be very straightforward. But I thought a complete and in depth analysis of each and every aspect of related information for comprehensive commentary was very challenging task. Another most important task having great influence upon chosen topic is selection of appropriate and suitable organization. At this point, particular attention was required towards the implementation of each and every aspect of chosen topic on selected organization. Otherwise, the real objective of performing work would not be achievable. The difficulty of this stage was availability of accurate, authorized and detailed information about organizations. The main problems faced were issues of confidentiality, access to management and un-cooperative management. After detailed research through my all-available resources and with the positive guidance of my mentor, I decided to work on,

“The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited”

The main influencing factors behind selection of this organization are as follows:

❖ OGDCL is the largest Exploration and Production (E&P) company in Pakistan engaged in exploration and development of oil and gas resources. ❖ OGDCL become the first Pakistani E&P Company listed on the London Stock Exchange with effect from December 2006. ❖ Currently, all over the world mineral resources are of real importance. ❖ OGDCL is a listed company hence; I can obtain the audited financial results easily. ❖ This analysis can be beneficent in many ways for existing and potential investors in determining company’s ability to generate profits.

Information About OGDCL:

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to become a competitive, dynamic and growing E&P company, rapidly enhancing our resources through world class workforce, best management practices and technology and maximizing return to all stakeholders by capturing...
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