The Absorption of the Javanese in Malay by an Instrumental Approach in Malaysia

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The Absorption of Javanese In Malay By Instrumental Approach In Malaysia


Javanese is not Malay like typical Malaysian understands. Even though the biological looks are the same, they actually belong to different group of ethnic. The essay is trying to describe the way Javanese people survived according to instrumentalist approach by Max Weber. This essay will rejects the ideas of Primordial ties to determined ethnicity of the Javanese people in Malaysia. There are three push factors that author trying to prove that make Javanese people comfortably to integrate with local Malay. First because of the labeling that government does to the Javanese. Secondly because of the political interest .Thirdly is the economic interest of the Javanese people. Because of hardship they tend to choose to accept Malay as their ethnicity. This essay is also are trying to proved that even though Javanese are different from the Malay there are happy to choose to become Malay because of several factors in term of Constitutions, Political Interest, Economic interest and Special Privilege.

What is meant by ethnic?

According to word web thesaurus ethnic means “Denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people”. In other words it was a group of people that have their own way of make a living. In defining which ethnic is which, there must be some kind of boundaries to show that they are different from other. Therefore to show to others we are “us” and not “them” they will be a certain mechanism that were used to maintain the images. Just like Manning Nash mention as cultural markers and the boundaries between the group of people must be visible. He suggested that they are three basic boundaries which is kinship, commensality and religious cult. Kinship is something related with blood relation which someone that is great where other ethnic does not have. Commensality is where the value of life such as custom and traditional only done by the particular group of people. While religious cult is the sacred symbol or common religious believe of the group of people.(Maning Nash ,1989.p.24-25)

What is Instrumentalist Approach?

Weber view ethnic as social stratification, that comes with certain criteria such as classes, income, education and political influence.(Thomas Hylannd:7). According to Glazer and Moynihan cited by Marcus Bank, ‘We must modified the bald assertion that ethnicity becomes a means of advancing interest – which it does –by insisting that it is not only a means of advancing interest (Bank: 42). Ronald Cohen also argued that the ethnic can be define as the interest of the one groups of ethnic against another.However the status of the ethnic are determined by the states. By Explaining the absorption of Javanese group in Malay, William agreed that the instrumentalist that there is complex between groups, and because of the conflict over certain resources it forces certain ethnic to follow the game of Nation building. (Bank:44).Another scholars name Bentley mention that instrumentalist where the certain ethnic have a habitual change or the ‘objective condition’ can be result of life change (Bank:45)

One ethnic in one places does not necessarily in have the same culture and language as other ethnic in another places. As mention by Michael Moerman (1965) cited by Thomas Hyland, when he studies the ethnic relation in Thailand, the Lue, he found out that they are not correlate completely. He mention that the language, culture, political organization did not necessarily same one place and another (Thomas :11).The Javanese group in Malaysia can be classified as ethnic groups in ‘plural societies that the term itself were designed by colonial to create the state. The might for a political body to run a state .As Richard Jenkins (1986) cited by Thomas also saying that most contemporary states could be plausibly be considered plural ones. (Thomas: 14)

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