The Absorbent Mind

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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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The followings are the fundamental requirements of Montessori tools: •The control of error: The Montessori tools contain in it a control of error which makes the use his/her reasoning power, increase his/her capacity for drawing distinctions and promotes independence. The child’s mind is conditioned to correct his/her errors. Example, if a child is trying to button up a shirt and forgets to button one or button in the wrong hole, the mistake is reveal at the end by an empty hole. •Aesthetics: All the Montessori tools are made as beautiful and attractive as possible. Color, brightness and proportions are sought in all the materials. The sensorial materials and the prepared environment should be prepared with order and beauty to attract the child and facilitate the total development of the child. Example • Activity: the Montessori tools must lend itself to a child’s activity. It should present the child an opportunity for the child to explore motor activity that will lead to the child’s development. Example, a story book or an attractive toy can arouse a child’s interest and this can keep the child engaged and can even repeat the activity again. The prepared environment should be arranged in a way that it lends itself to a child’s interest to be active. •Limits: the Montessori tools should be limited in quantity. This principle is clear and logical. The child as an explorer needs a road that is straight and limited, which can lead to his/her goal and keep the child from wondering aimlessly about. This brings order to the child.
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