Emerging Philosophy

Topics: Reggio Emilia approach, Psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Emerging Philosophy

My Current Beliefs about Young Children and Learning|My Future Teaching Practices that Reflect My Current Beliefs| Example- Pestalozzi: Children learn best when they have real objects to touch and interact with.|Example- My classroom will have many objects for children to explore based on their interests.| Reggio Emilia: Children must have some kind of control over their learning.|I will spend one on one time with each child in my classroom to find out how he or she best learns so that I can develop a learning stagedgy for that particular child.| Plato: You can discover more about a child in an hour of play then you can in a year of conversation.|My classroom will have play-based learning activities, where they can express themselves through play.| Vygotsky: I believe that learner-centered teaching strategies are highly effective in teaching children.|My classroom will participate in activities where the children will learn about a certain topic by asking the questions, investigating to discover, and answering based on their own experience.| Montessori: Children need structured, hands on learning.|I believe as a teacher we should let the children have freedom, but there should still be some sort of structure in the classroom. Hands on learning is a great way to let the children express themselves while still having pacific instructions to follow.| Bruner: Learning is optimized when children are free to explore their environments, manipulate objects, and experiment with ideas as they interact with others.|My classroom will incorperate free time in our daily schedule, where they can pick any activity in the class to do. This will give the children a chance to explore their minds with imagination as well as build interaction skills through playing with other children.|

There are many philosophies that caught my eye, though some stuck out to me personaly more then others I believe that they all hold...
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