The 13th Hour Book Report

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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"The 13th Hour"
By: Richard Doetsch

SUMMARY| Nick Quinn finds himself stuck in a police station, accused of an unspeakable horror: the murder of his beloved wife, Julia. The police refuse to believe that Nick had nothing to do with her death. As they leave him to his fate, a mysterious man enters and makes a tempting offer: “If you could get out of here, if you could save her, would you?” He places a gold watch in Nick’s hands and tells him that he now has the ability to relive the past twelve hours, hour by hour, in order to stop his wife’s killer. The only catch is that he will live them in reverse. 

Nick ventures back through time attempting to stop the death of the woman he loves but soon realizes that he is caught up in bigger events than he could ever imagine. While dodging confused friends, taking on corrupt cops, and reliving a horrific plane crash over and over, Nick will discover that his best efforts in the past often have disastrous results in the future. 

The 13th Hour tells the story of an ordinary man on an extraordinary journey to change the course of history to save the life of the woman he loves. History, as Nick discovers, is very resistant to change. | CHARACTERS| Main CharactersNicholas Quinn-The man who was given a chance to save his beloved wife from her disastrous death.Julia Quinn-The wife of Nick who was murdered because she is the Client Confidentiality of a private person.Ethan Dance-A greedy detective and the prime murderer of most of the characters in the story.Supporting CharactersMarcus Bennett- A lawyer and bestfriend of the couple.Jo Whalen-Secretary of Julia.Shamus Hennicot-The rich old man who owns the golden talisman and one of the Triumvirate.Katherine Hennicot-The wife of Shamus and was also a victim in the plane crash.Zachariah Nash-One of the Triumvirate and the mysterious man who gave the golden watch to Nick.Paul Dreyfus-One of the Triumvirate and the good brother of Sam.Sam Dreyfus-The mastermind of...
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