Thank You M'Am by Will Rogers

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Will Rogers once said, “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people”. Learning from more experienced and wiser people is much more effective than trying to solve everything yourself. In Langston Hughes’s short story, “Thank You, M’am”, a boy, Roger, is caught stealing Mrs. Jones’s purse; however, instead of reporting it, she brings the poor orphan boy to her house to wash his face and to feed him. This story demonstrates the importance of learning from others. It is much better to learn from others around yourself because if one tries to learn on their own, they will have no discipline, manners, or knowledge of what’s right or wrong, and they will only do what pleases themselves.

If a person educates himself, he will not know ethics nor will he have any manners. For instance, in the current world, schools and parents teach children what is good to do or bad to do. Starting from their toddler stages, they get time-outs for wrongdoings and rewards for doing good things. People all around you fix your wrongdoings and mistakes, and discipline you to choose what’s right. On the other hand, if a child is left alone, they will do bad things without even knowing because they were not taught ethics. In addition, parents and schools also teach children to have good manners at the table or to older people. They tell you to keep feet off the table, eat quietly, talk respectfully to elders, and other important facts that are needed to respect others. However, if schools and parents are not part of a child’s life, that child would turn out to be very rude and they would form bad habits because of their lack of discipline. In other words, you need others to set the right path for your life or else your path will stray to one that only pleases you.

The only thing a person, that was not taught by others, will think about is what pleases themselves. To illustrate, Roger tells Mrs. Jones that the reason...
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