Good Morning by Mark Hager

Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Text Analysis of
by Mark Hager
A dog wags its tail with its heart
Martin Buxbaum
The story that I want to present and to comment on is entitled “Good morning” written by Mark Hager. He was born in Williamson, West Virginia, a small town in the West Virginia hills. He writes stories based on his boyhood experiences when he had to walk miles to a small country school. There is little information about this author, but I suppose that after reading and analysing his work, we will know more than now and we’ll appreciate him with the highest mark. The text under discussion is a very specific one, because of the simple language that is used, from a very large field, a very known for us, but he presents in such a way how things goes that I had to read again and again to caress my soul. In a short summary I’ll try to explain to you why. When Mark was a boy he used to walk through two miles of woods to get to the schoolhouse. One evening the whole community was demanding that Mr Epperly’s dog be shot. He gave him a dollar bill and asked Mark to kill Old Ranger. After some tentative, he hugged Old Ranger and walked on to the house. His mother decided to keep Old Ranger for a moth. The Epperly kids were angry with Mark, but their mother was kind to him. After sometime came the happy morning and he let go the dog to Epperly’s family. Now, we can go on to analyse the story. First of all the theme of this story is not only one, but more, as: patience, friendship, and love to animals. This is presented here because the author wants to underline not only relations between people, but also between people and animals. Taking this into account we would say that the idea that Mark Hager tries to highlight is that we should love animals, not less than our neighbours and that money doesn’t make us happy. We also can say that the first paragraph is an introductive one, because it speaks about where, when and how the action takes place. In this way, there is paid no...
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