Texting Harms Teenagers

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Text Messaging is affecting the communication skills of teenagers.

Thesis Statement:
It damages the writing skills of teenagers along with providing then with a medium to avoid face to face meetings. Many hold the view that text messaging is useful because it is cheaper and convenient but applications and features such as Skype and billing per second can provide a better technique for the same purpose.


II. Body Paragraph One:

Topic Sentence: Text messaging has begun to have a detrimental effect on teenager’s writing skills.

Supporting Ideas or Examples:

A. They use inventive spelling and abbreviation.
B. Teenagers get used to this language.
C. Grades drop due to grammatical errors.
D. Study conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project and the National Commission on Writing to prove that it effects writing skills.

III. Body Paragraph Two:

Topic Sentence: Text messaging is a method adopted by teenagers to avoid proximity to others.
Supporting Ideas/Examples:

A. Relationships are put to an end in with the help of texts to avoid awkwardness.
B. Misinterpretation of messages can cause rifts in relationships.
C. Prevents introverted people from becoming confident.
D. Online questionnaire performed by Donna Reid and Fraser Reid from University of Plymouth.

IV. Body Paragraph Three:

Topic Sentence: It is often argued that text messaging is a cheaper and a more convenient method of communication.

Supporting Ideas/Examples:

A. Soft wares such as Skype provide a cheaper method of calling.
B. Billing per second also does the same.

* V. Conclusion

We have to decide for ourselves if the advantages of text messaging outweigh the disadvantages. We need to make a choice if we want to ignore all the negative effects it is having on us.

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