Tetra Pak

Topics: Sweden, Ultra-high-temperature processing, Aseptic processing Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: September 21, 2008
Being successful for a company does not consist in only having a worldwide and well-known name as in the case of Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s or Microsoft. Tetra Pak is an example that illustrates a successful company that does not come first to people’s mind while considering famous companies. Nevertheless, Tetra Pak is the international leader of fresh food packages. It started from the Tetra Brik –four faces package- to keep milk fresh, to extend its range of activities into the packaging of fresh food. This Swedish company generates an annual income of 8.1 million of Euros, and has been the industry leader since 1950. The secret of this company is inherent to the increasing number of packaged food (soup, juices, vegetables…). As our modern societies are continuously looking for ingenious, light and low-cost packages, Tetra Pak provides with the right solutions to satisfy this social development. Packaging in the food industry represents a mean to save space, money and time, three key successes in this industry that contribute in building up a competitive advantage. From the end user perspective, a light, handy and environmentally friendly packaging is decisive during the buying process. The company responds to its clients needs by innovating new ways and techniques to keep aliments natural and fresh for the consumer. It all started with milk packages before many other technologies developed to meet the necessary criteria for each and every different product. As an example, orange juice with the pulp presented a problem with the first Tetra Pak classical package; therefore other solutions were developed to respect each food composition. The proactive strategy of Tetra Pak encourages striving for innovative and adequate solutions that better fit the industry and the consumers’ requirements. Moreover, the Swedish company always keeps a close eye on its competitors, the market trends and the new technologies. In order to achieve its objectives, Tetra Pak developed a...
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