Tertiary Study Skills

Topics: Learning, Study skills, Lecture Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Tertiary study skills
For the newcomers, university can be like a foreign country, with its own language, rules, regulations and expectations. The new students don’t know how to study in tertiary. Study in university and high school have different learning methods. Today will talk about what’s he differences and offers a range of suggestions designed for tertiary student to improve study practices. This essay will talk about four important study skills. (Lectures, Tutorials, Note-talking skills, Time management skills) Firstly, the most important study skill is lectures; many of your lectures will be traditional lectures. The lecturer will talk about without a break for 50 to 60 minutes, and will provide little in the way of lecture handout. (Burdess, 2007,p10) Now, this essay will talk about how to preparing for lectures. Listening to the lecture, like any other form of learning, involves reconstruction and interpretation from the learner for meaning to be absorbed. Concentrate on what the lecture is saying, but also make connections with the previous lecture, with material you have read, and discussion you have had with others. Many lectures are not intended to be question-and answer sessions but you should keep asking questions silently with a view to following up possible answers yourself or with others. Try to arrive before the lecture beings speaking so as to gather your thoughts and be there to hear the overall at the beginning. The second important study skill is tutorial. At its best a tutorial can provide an important learning experience, rich in critical comment and diversity of views. For a tutorial to work effectively each student needs to take some responsibility. And how to preparing for a tutorial? Usually, the main of the tutorial is to help you develop a better understanding of each week’s lecture. Consequently, it’s important to attend the lecture, and do the associated reading, particularly from the textbook. Firstly, you need to get a...
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