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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Terry Fox is an inspiration to all; he set a phenomenal goal for himself to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Why did he do this? He was only 18 at the time when he was diagnosed with Metastatistic Osteosarcoma which is a cancer that starts around the knees. At first Terry didn’t think it was anything because he was in a horrible crash with a pick-up truck and hurt his leg before, he just thought the pain was coming back. Terry wanted to raise money and awareness because he was disappointed with the lack of money being put toward research to help him in the future. So he started the marathon of hope, a run across Canada and he was only on an artificial leg. He was only twenty one at the time when he started his 143 day run. Days became longer, nights became shorter but kind hearted Terry still did not give up the amazing fight he put on against cancer. Terry started his run in St. Johns Newfoundland then ended his marathon outside of Thunder Bay. He unfortunately died one month before his twenty second birthday but he raised a total of 1.7 million dollars. Plus people are still contributing today to the foundation and about 500 million dollars have been made. Tomorrow on Friday September 28th Queen Elizabeth Sr. Public school student and faculty are going on a 6km walk around the Port Credit neighborhood to raise money and awareness for the Terry Fox foundation. The students were highly recommended to bring in a donation for Terry and Cancer research. According to Laura Dobbyn a grade 8 student from Queen Elizabeth “Terry Fox is one of my heroes, he ran across Canada knowing he had cancer and going through the pain of knowing that he was going to die.” Terry is such an inspiration. He risked so much to make people aware of cancer and its torments and for that, may we always remember him as one of the most important Canadian heroes of all time.
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