Terrorism: International, Domestic, Cyber

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  • Topic: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, Domestic terrorism in the United States
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  • Published : March 17, 2006
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Terrorism 1

Terrorism: Domestic, International, and Cyber

Terrorism 2
Terrorism is one of the most remembered and feared occurrences in the world. Terrorism changes the lives and hearts of everyone that it affects. This paper explores the different types of terrorism, who commits the acts, how it affects the surrounding world, and what can be done to prevent it. This review of the different types of terrorism focuses primarily on the specific types of terrorism. This paper then tries to relay to the reader the understanding of all types, and the differences between them.

Terrorism 3
Terrorism: Domestic, International, and Cyber
Terrorism is defined as any action taken to cause fear in order to achieve a social, religious, or political goal. There are different types of terrorism, primarily domestic, international and cyber. Domestic terrorism is when the terrorist is a member of the state of which he or she terrorizes. International terrorism is defined as terrorism done to another country of which is not the terrorist's native country (Elrich, 1998). These types of terrorist attacks are normally done by a fanatical religious group. The last type of terrorism is cyber terrorism which is defined as the use of computing resources to intimidate or coerce others (Adrel, 1997). While all types of terrorism are different they all relate in the way that they attack a person or a group of people in an attempt to make some kind of statement, whether it's for political, religious, or social reasons. Some acts of terrorism might not affect as many people as others, but no act or terrorism should be overlooked, and all should be punished severely.

Domestic Terrorism is done quite often in a society. It can range from small things such as wearing some kind of t-shirt or hat that's prejudice towards one person or a group, all the way up to killing a political figure. One's motives behind a...
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