Topics: Terrorism, Violence, Improvised explosive device Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Terrorism is the use of terror in a form of violence or threats that is meant to coerce individuals, groups or entity acting in a manner in which a person or group couldn’t otherwise force them to act lawfully. Acts of terrorism appears to be or intended to intimidate civilians collectively or to intimidate changes in government policy or government conduct through the use of serious destruction, assassination or kidnapping. Terrorism has affected the United States in the last decade. The root of terrorism is hatred and there’s nothing more dangerous than knowing that terrorist believe that they have nothing to lose. Although terrorism happens throughout the world there is a heavier activity in certain areas of the world because they want to override government and change rules and laws. It’s sought out because there isn’t another way for terrorist to get their economic, political or religious demands heard. Terrorist often live close to their targets selected and engage in a great deal of preparation. Terrorists go to great lengths in preparing their attacks committing other crimes while doing so. For example in 2004 Attack of Western oil companies and housing compounds in Al Khobar, Saudia Arabia, results in death of 22 people. Killing innocent people is random areas at random times gives them more publicity for their cause. Terrorist main goal is to cause more violence and uprisings to force changes to accommodate their political, economic and religious demands. The sites of terrorist activities have a lot in common including their places, buses trains and restaurants. In 2007 IED explosions at restaurant in Cotabato, Philippines results in three people critically injured. An example of how terrorist bombs buses and trains reflects an incident in 2005 Bombings of London underground trains and bus. In 2002 to now thousands of car bombings, suicide bombings, and attacks on civilians in Iraq are also terrorist activities in common. All sites of...
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