Territorial Expansions

Topics: United States, Mexico, New Mexico Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Samantha McNamara

1818 Red River Basin
In 1818 America and Great Britain edited a treaty that was made in 1812. The treaty made in 1812, Treaty of Ghent, had settled the war in 1812. This treaty had to do with the territory of present day Minnesota and North Dakota. When they edited the treaty in 1814 it was decided that the United States and Britain would share the Oregon Territory (The). This change lasted until 1846. The Oregon territory became the northern border of the famous Louisiana purchase. This territory was also referred to as the Red River Basin.

1819 Florida (Adam-Onis Treaty)
During the American Revolution Florida was not owned by just one country. Many different countries, such as Spain, France and Britain, owned parts of Florida. After the revolution, all of Florida belonged to Spain. American’s wanted this territory. They would rebel against spanish authorities and use Florida as a “safe haven” for runaway slaves (The). These acts made the Americans feel justified that Florida was their territory. When Andrew Jackson led forces into Florida and ridded the Native Americans from their land there, it was time for Spain to either fight for Florida, or give it to America. At this point in time Spain had other issues with their other colonies and Spain nor America wanted war; for these reasons, Spain decided to give their territory of Florida to America. The treaty for this acquisition was named The Adam- Otis Treaty, named after America’s Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams and Spain’s minister Louis de Onis.

1845 Texas Annexation

In the early 1800’s Spain owned Texas. The Spanish allowed some Americans to settle in Texas (The). Because Spain was so lenient with allowing people to settle in Texas, Texas was flowing with Americans, Europeans and Mexicans who also brought their slaves. The Mexican government tried to keep the rate of slaves to a minimum and this angered Americans. This disagreement caused fighting....
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