Dbq on Territorial Expansion

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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From 1800-1855 many things contributed to the government’s policies towards territorial expansion, the most important ones being supporters of this behavior increased trade with Asia, and dislike towards Mexico, that helped with the addition of new states.

The 1803 Louisiana Purchase helped start the Era of Good Feelings because it marked the beginning of the downfall of the Federalists. The Federalists opposed expansion because they feared that new territories would drain off their New England population and compete with New England economically. Between 1800 and 1823 the Louisiana Purchase and the Treaty of 1818 boosted national unity. First, the Louisiana Purchase boosted unity because it helped start the Era of Good Feelings.In the time between 1800 and 1850 America experienced a difference in national unity. Territorial expansion also had a huge effect on national unity in this time period.

The first debate over the issue of territorial expansion began when Missouri wanted to join the union as a slave state. Missouri, which was part of the Louisiana Purchase, which was part of the Northwest Ordinance. The Northwest Ordinance stopped slavery in the Northwest Territories. In 1817, when Missouri applied to the Union as a slave state, the issue of anti-slavery vs. pro slavery came up. In 1819, Maine applied to become a free state. A compromise was then reached, so that Maine would enter as a free state, while Missouri would enter as a slave state, balancing free and slave states. New territories that would enter above the 36’30’ line had to be free states.
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