Termination for Cause

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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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Review Questions
6) The five stages of team development are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Chapter 14
Review Questions
4) What should your initial response be if a customer asks for a change to your project? “Let’s see what impact that might have on the schedule, budget, quality and project team. I’ll be happy to consider it, but want to be sure to deliver the project results we promised on time and on budget.” Discussion Questions

6) Describe the purpose of using an integrated change control system. The purpose of using an integrated change control system is to identify, document, approve or reject, and control changes in the project baseline. This includes considering the impact of any change, deciding whether to agree to the change, then documenting and managing that change. Chapter 15

Review Questions
3) If a project is terminated early, the customer is typically responsible for paying the total cost of the project. FALSE 14) Lessons learned should contain both positive and negative that were experienced during the life of the project. Discussion Questions

1) Give two examples of why a project might be terminated early for cause and two examples of why a project might be terminated early for convenience.

Termination for Cause
1) If the project has slipped into delays from which the contractor can make no reasonable recovery, and those delays significantly impact the project. 2) If the contractor persistently or repeatedly refuses or fails to supply enough properly skilled workers or proper materials

Termination for convenience
1) If the owner cannot obtain additional financing to complete the work, the owner can terminate the balance of the work for convenience so long as there is a termination for convenience clause in the contract. 2) Termination for convenience clauses are often found in construction contracts, and they grant the owner the ability to terminate a contract at their own convenience, even when the...
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