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Topics: Electronic amplifier, Modulation, Vertical blanking interval Pages: 5 (808 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Audio/Video Systems

PRELIM EXAM – Reviewer
December 2012



( prepared by Sir Felixberto M. Gonzaga Jr.)

* It blanks out retrace for each H line by making video signal go to the black blanking level at 15,750 Hz. * horizontal blanking pulses

* It includes the camera signal with the picture information, sync pulses and blanking pulses. * composite video signal

* It times the scanning for each H line at 15,750 Hz.
* horizontal sync pulses

* It blanks out the scanning during vertical retrace at 60 Hz. * vertical blanking pulses

* In the video signal, it indicates the brightness of the background for signal variations. * the DC component

* It is a number that indicates how contrast is expanded or compressed. * Gamma

* This refers to the ability of monochrome receiver to use Y signal for picture in black and white. It is also allows color receiver to reproduce monochrome. * Compatibility

* This is a combination of the C signal and Y luminance signal. * multiplexer

* The brightest for either color or monochrome information is also known as – * luminance

* Luminance or brightness without color is considered as – * monochrome

* The process of combining two signals on one carrier.
* multiplexing

* The intensity of color is called –
* saturation

* The carrier that modulates another carrier wave of higher frequency is known as – * subcarrier

* This is detector circuit for a specific phase of the modulated signal, necessary with a suppressed-carrier signal. * synchronous demodulator

* This is the transmission of the modulation sidebands without the carrier itself. * suppressed subcarrier

* The complimentary color for red is.
* cyan

* The complimentary color for blue is.
* yellow

* The color video signal transmitted as amplitude modulation of the 3.58 MHz C signal is known as. * I signal

* It is caused by phase distortion for video frequencies of about 100kHz and lower. * streaking

* It is a special camera tube with a test pattern printed on the image plate. * monoscope

* This occurrence in the picture means multiple outlines of edges to the right; cause is excessive gain at high frequencies, about 2 to 4 MHz and above, which put the amplifier on the brink of oscillations. * ringing

* It is used with a separate crosshatch generator to check camera linearity, independent of the monitor. * ball chart

* This consists of a 100 percent white rectangle, one-half the picture height and width, on a black background, useful for checking streaking and ringing. * window signal

* It is used for checking response at high video frequencies. * sine-squared pulses

* This is transmitted on line 19 of the vertical blanking period, in even and odd fields, and is also used to evaluate the performance of the transmission system, for chroma and luminance. * VIRS

* When the emitter-base junction of a transistor is shorted. * Vbe is zero volt

* If the transistor is conducting at saturation –
* collector current is excessive

* For an Op Amp power supply, which of the following bias methods is preferably used to provide a stable circuit operation? * emitter bias

* Which of the following is also called self-bias?
* collector- voltage feedback bias

* If the voltage reading across the base-emitter junction is zero, this indicates that – * the base-emitter junction is shorted

* Excessive collector current is an indicating that –
* the transistor is saturated

* Tuned circuit is commonly seen in what circuit?
* RF Tuned amplifier

* Input impedance of about 1k...
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