Ten Points of Neo Realism

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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1-Films always has a message- The message is that life is unfair and do not do something that you do not want done to you.

2-Stories inspired by everyday events- everyday in the world people are stealing from each other and scamming each other.

3-If great social events are depicted always on the eyes of the common man- in this movie, social events are depicted from an ordinary man who gets a job at the post office, the producer uses wide lens and long shot with no one else in the shot.

4-Sense of detail authentic-sense of detail authentic is a real time and place with unprofessional actors between father and son.

5-Sense of masses and the protagonists to the masses- comes up from a crowed of unemployed workers and after his stolen bike, tragedy on the job he goes back and fights with the masses as the movie comes to an end.

6-Realism thru Humanism- creates a gate; sense of realism through the use of real people then all seasoned alters like the man and his son so this way it gives more authentic power.

7-non Professional actors- in the movie the man and his son are obviously not professional actors.

8-Refusal of studio-thru out all the setting of the movie it was made outdoors in natural Rome streets with refusal.

9-True lightning-also thru out the entire movie the lightning was natural didn’t use any type of an official lighting it was all natural lightning.

10-Photography similar to documentary-the style of the movie uses it of long take and documentary style, which makes the sequences to have within the movie.
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