Temperaments: Meaning of Life and World View

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Temperament- This is a combination of inborn traits that a human being is born with. They are genetically received from parents therefore unpredictable. They are genetically arranged on the basis of nationality, race sex, and other hereditary factors. They subconsiously affect mans behavior. It is the number one influence on a person’s life as it is the first thing that affects one and it escorts one through life as it sets broad guidelines on everyone’s behavior as long as he lives. Temperaments explains differences in people .This include; their tastes, their creative capabilities their strengths and weaknesses, has profound influence on ones behaviour in; their actions and reactions, emotional responses, everything one does Factors affecting temperaments

-Persons sex
Types of temperaments
Nobody has exclusively one temperament or type. Each one is likely to have a single preference, dorminant type or style which is augmented and supported by a mixture of othertypes.diferent people posses differing mixtures and dominances as some people are strongly oriented towards a single type while others have a more even mixture of types.but, no person can possess an evenly balanced mixture of all types. This includes; 1.San chlor

2.San mel
3.San phleg
4.Chlor san
5.Chlor mel
6.Chlor phleg
7.Mel san
8.Mel chlor
9.Mel phleg
10.Phleg san
11.Phleg chlor
12.Phleg mel
These different types of temperament s are due to the predominance in the organism of different humour accounted for them by differences of texture and varying solidity of the tissues of the body, varying development of different parts, diverse rates of activity in the processes of nutrition and waste, in the changes of nerve-energy, or in circulation, and by differences of tonicity in the nerves. The transmission from parent to offspring of hereditary dispositions, therefore, involves no conflict with the doctrine of the creation of each human soul. Belief- this are ideas which one lives by and behaves. They have roots in life and therefore guide or direct the course of life. It determines a person’s activity, moral character and eternal destiny. It answers the question what is true? Beliefs affect our lifestyle whether through reason, traditions as they guide our life and also guide our decisions. They have roots in life and so guide or direct the course of life. They also make a difference to human adjustments to life. Importance of belief

-Determines personal activity, moral character and eternal destiny -Directly related to ones influence on others
World view- is a set of presuppositions or assumptions which may be true, partially true or entirely false ,which we hold ,consciously or subconsciously, consistently or inconsistently, about the basic make-up of our world. It is ,therefore, an overall framework of meaning through which men view the totality of their environments. It is the tinted “glasses “through which every fact is seen -The rigid through which everything in life is screened in a particular way -A system of thought which everything is given meaning and context -A structure by which experience is given meaning and coherence. -A "worldview" is a way of thinking about truth and reality. It sums up the basic conclusions about life and meaning that a person figures out and lives by, either consciously or unconsciously. -It is the sum total of what we believe about the most important issues of life. -It gives someone a system of beliefs reflected in their values and behaviour Types of major world views

1.Biblical theism
Character- this is the real you. It is the civilized temperament. It is the result of your natural temperament modified by childhood training, education, basic attitudes, beliefs, principles and motivations. It made up of; Mind emotion, Will. It is also the expression of the...
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