Simmons Lab Case Study

Topics: Problem solving, Communication, Project management Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: August 1, 2011
Simmons Lab Case

The Situation:
Newbridge, a recently hired project head manager, meets Zaph at the lab one day. Zaph was an intelligent capable person, who had impressed Dr. Jerrold, the head of the laboratory. Zaph had many ideas and solutions to the different problems the lab was dealing with. Zaph immediately connected with Links, the mathematician, and started helping him with his theories, which Newbridge did not understand very well. Zaph’s dominant personality became apparent to Newbridge, who admired Zaph’s for his abilities but at the same time felt threatened. Newbridge started taking a back seat to Zaph’s ideas and presentations and Newbridge grew apprehensive about his job position at the laboratory. Without discussing his feelings with anyone, Newbridge applied for a job at a different laboratory and once he was accepted, he simply sent a notice in the mail to Dr. Jerrold stating he will no longer work at his lab. This note came as a shock to Dr. Jerrold, who was not aware of any problems going on with Newbridge, he admired his work and leadership on the photon unit. Dr. Jerrold found himself in a bad situation, his intentions were to hire Zaph to be the head manager of the new Air Force Project, and when he asked Zaph if he would like to stay with the Photon group or the Air Force project, Zaph picked the Air Force project. Dr. Jerrold had no choice but to let Links run the photon group temporarily until he finds a new head project manager. Key Issues:

I believe, Newbridge was an idealist. Idealists are enthusiastic individuals, who are focused on their life journey and enjoy reflecting on their personal achievements and growth. Intuition is also a major factor for idealists; they depend on it to create new possibilities in the world. Idealists are usually apprehensive about personal growth and development. They continually evaluate their self worth to ensure their growth to become their best self.

Newbridge’s idealistic views was...
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