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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Teletalk All Data/Internet

Plans: for 2G & 3G

To get internet configurations-

1. Simply activate your Teletalk sim in

your desired handset.

2. Then type SET and send sms to 111.

3. In Return sms you'll receive an

internet configuration.

4. Save the configuration with pin code

1234 and make it default connection.

5. Now restart your phone. Now its


6. its charge free

7. for new connection, at first activate

pay per use internet by typing REG and

sending it to 111. After 24 hours it'll be

activated. Then send sms for

configuration settings.

3G Mobile Internet PlansData Plan

Activation: Type “Subscription Code”

send to 111

Speed 128 Kbps

10MB 8Tk 1Day Validity Code "D7"

2GB 350Tk 30Days Validity Code "D11"

Unlimited 650tk 30day validity

Subscription Code "D12"

Speed 256Kbps

1GB 175Tk 10Days Validity Code "D14"

4GB 600Tk 30Days Validity Code "D16"

Unlimited 1050tk 30day validity

Subscription Code "D17"

Speed 512 Kbps

1GB 200Tk 10Days Validity Code "D19"

2GB 500Tk 30Days Validity Code "D20"

10GB 1000Tk 30Days Validity Code


Speed 1mbps

4GB 800Tk 30Days Validity Code "D25"

8GB 1200Tk 30Days Validity Code "D26"

Speed 2mbps

10GB 2500Tk 30Days Validity Code


New 2G Mobile Internet Plans [All

Users can use,existing also]

Data Plan Activation: Type

“Subscription Code” send to 111

5MB 4tk 1day validity Subscription Code


10MB 8tk 2day validity Subscrip tion

Code "D2"

30MB 20tk 7day validity Subscription

Code "D3"

250MB 100tk 15day validity

Subscription Code "D4"

1GB 200tk 30day validity Subscription

Code "D5"

Unlimited 600tk 30day validity

Subscription Code "D6"

Teletalk GPRS service[Old 2G Plans]

1. To register "Pay per use" or "No Use

No Pay" connection, write 'reg' and send

SMS to 111.

2. To register monthly limited "250tk+

VAT per month-1GB" connection, write

'm01g' and send SMS to 111.

3. To register daily limited "08tk+ VAT

per day - 10MB" connection, write

'd10m' and send SMS to 111.

4. To register Weekly (7 days) limited

"40tk+ VAT per 7 days - 50MB"

connection, write 'w50m' and send SMS

to 111.

5. To register Fortnightly (15 days)

limited "80tk+ VAT per 15 days -

100MB" connection, write 'f100m' and

send SMS to 111.

6. To register unlimited GPRS

connection, write 'unl' and send SMS to


*Monthly Unlimited 800.00 + VAT,

*Monthly Unlimited [Shadheen66

Package] 666.00 + VAT

7. To register daily unlimited connection

50.00 + VAT, write 'dunl' and send SMS

to 111.

*To check the Usage of Volume

Bundled Package write 'u' and send

SMS to 111.

*When Daily and Monthly limited or

unlimited packages time band and

volume have been finished then the

connection automatically changed by

normal "Pay per use".

*It’ll be activated within 24hrs and you

will be notified. After notified please

configure your hand set with below


*Volume based bundled packages are

applicable for all Prepaid packages.

Configuring your mobile handset for

using GPRS:

Service Type -APN- IP - Port (optional)

1.No Use No Pay / Monthly Limited (1

GB) / Daily Limited (10 MB) / Weekly

Limited (50MB) /

Fortnightly Limited (100MB) - wap

- - 9201 2. Monthly/

Daily Unlimited - gprsunl

- - 9201

*To Cancel Unlimited GPRS service ,

Write "ununl " and send SMS to 111

* Note: IP & Port not applicable for

every Hand Set
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