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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Telemedicine: Is it Worth the Sacrifice?

I.A. Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients via telecommunications technologies instead of in person. B. I believe there are many useful applications i.e. military, specialized, or emergency situations but not for routine medical care. C. Some issues that arise from not seeing a patient face to face are 1. Improper physical exam

2. Communication barriers
3. Depersonalization

II.A. (Background) Telemedicine enables doctors to share data & images using video or wireless technology, and make treatment decisions without in-person examinations. 1. Includes remote/online/telephone

a. prescriptions
b. testing
c. diagnosis
d. even surgery
2. Crucial to see MD personally per visit/diagnosis for ethical/moral treatment

III.A. (Arg #1) Even when doctors do a physical, their diagnostic skills aren't perfect. 1. Only can accurately diagnose 20% of heart problems 2. It gets worse when they aren’t physically present A. Problems that can be missed

1. Hair, skin, & Nail
2. Balance & reflexes

IV. A. (Arg #2) Simpler and more effective communication with a doctor physically present. 1. Varying communication levels due to
a. Age
b. Education
c. Mental health
d. Language
2. More effective to work in person rather than remotely a. Easier to visualize ideas and concepts
b. Pick up on details that may not have been shared

A. (Arg #3) Doctor-Patient relationship suffers when patient is “just a number” instead of being treated as a real person. This depersonalization can cause 1. Lack of trust
2. Less concern for...
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