Telehealth Case

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Introduction and Background2
Product and Industry Standards3
Detailed Solution4
Appendix: Labor Timeline5
Appendix : Project Costs8
Effective Performance Budget Sheet (RECCOMENDED)9
Appendix: Logical Network Design10
Appendix Physical Diagram11
Appendix : References12

Introduction and Background
DD&H Consultants have been asked to assist in research related to the role of telehealth in today’s healthcare. Telehealth is the delivery of medical and general health services using telecommunications technology and may be the new world of healthcare in the future. The term telehealth encompasses the curative, preventative and promoting aspects of healthcare. It also includes the field of telemedicine, which is the more limited area of dealing with the curative part of health care. It includes any situation in which telecommunication is used in the medical field and can be as simple as a patient being able to look up test results via the internet, having a doctor’s appointment by way of a video call or a more complex situation such as one surgeon assisting another during an actual procedure by web cam. The possibilities are endless. The following report contains general descriptions of two different current telehealth programs, ECU and RCCHC, in part one, and then in part two, the answers to a few questions in order to understand the current status and possible issues with the adoption of telehealth today.

Part 1
ECU Telemedicine Program

East Carolina University’s telehealth medicine program is one of the longest running telemedicine programs in the country. It began in 1992 and has continued to grow and expand on its telehealth practices since that time. It was named of the top 10 telehealth programs by Telehealth Magazine. The center not only provides clinical telehealth...
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