Telecommunications: Medicine and Patient Information

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Telecommunications In Healthcare
A description of telecommunications with examples of technology used in your workplace · The advantages, disadvantages, and importance of telecommunications in health care · Where you see telecommunications in 5 years

Telecommunication In Healthcare
The half-century following the Civil War witnessed an epochal transformation in American telecommunications. In 1900 the telephone network became the first electrical communications medium that network providers intended to be accessible to the entire population. Communication has always been the essential piece. From the invention of the telephone the ability to send and receive a message has been the cornerstone of communication. Healthcare and the delivery of healthcare services have always been dependent upon effective communication. Face to face interactions were key to the relationship developed between the healthcare provider the patient. As the technological advances grew so did its impact on healthcare.

Description of Telecommunications
Videoconferencing enhanced the communication efforts when practitioners and patients could not be in the same room or location. According to C. Roh (2008) "store and forward" technologies, permit digital images and other information to be saved and transmitted relatively cheaply to consultants who can receive and interpret them.”

Technology in the Workplace
According to C. Roh (2008) “As defined here, telemedicine is the use of electronic information and communications technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants.” Telemedicine has allowed patient information to be transferred with ease and accessibility. The ability for a doctor in Chicago to view the chest x ray and send information to a physician in minutes relates to the impact of telemedicine in the medical community Electronic Medical Record

The electronic Medical...
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