Telecommunications and Networking

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Final Analysis
Telecommunications and Networking
David Barnes
INF325: Telecommunications & Networking Concepts
Prof. Robert Whale
October 14, 2012

Final Analysis
Telecommunications and Networking
Telecommunications and networking are complicated with very intricate design and structures built within them. Protocols are set in place to allow Ethernets, switches and gateways to achieve the abilities and capabilities of telecommunications and networking through data and voice transmissions of today and the future. Today’s society is set at such a high pace with such great demand for volumes of data and voice transmissions that telecommunications and networking need to stay the course to keep up with the demands of societal growth by way of new hardware, software and technological advances. a) What is a policy?

A policy is verbiage that consists of words and statements that gives internal and external structural requirements whereby employees, personnel and others can follow. Specifications within the said policy are set to form and guide internal and external functions. This policy paves the way for integrity within the business and/or corporation’s foundational structure. “Policy: A broad statement that specifies what should be accomplished”. (Panko, R., & Panko, J. (2011). b) Distinguish between policy and implementation.

Implementations are a more specified set of instructions whereby policies are less specified but yet each has a set verbiage that applies to the structural integrity of the company’s bi-laws and laws. “Implementation Guidance: Instructions that is more specific than policies but less specific than implementation.” (Panko, R., & Panko, J. (2011).

c) Why is it important to separate policies from implementation? The separation between policies and implementation is important so that a set of rules, bi-laws and/or laws that govern the business or company is set in a way that is most important to the least...
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