It Task 2 Social and Ethical Implications of Networking

Topics: Ethernet, Optical fiber, Computer network Pages: 5 (1503 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Table of contents
Page 1: Information page.

Page 2: Table of contents.

Page 3: Why I chose a tree topology.
Diagram of tree topology.

Page 4: Hardware and software required.
Communications mediums and protocols.

Page 5: Advantages and disadvantages for staff.

Page6: Advantages and disadvantages for learners.
Social and ethical implications.

Page7: Security of network.

Diagram of a Tree topology layout:

About a Tree topology:

Tree Topology Tree topologies integrate multiple star topologies together onto a bus. In its simplest form, only switch devices connect directly to the tree bus, and each switch functions as the "root" of a tree of devices.

I chose this topology because this topology supports future expandability of the network much better than a bus (limited in the number of devices because of the broadcast traffic that it generates) or a star (limited by the number of switch connection points) alone. I chose this because this can be very useful to a school setup for if they wish to improve on the school. It also means that if one switch goes wrong, others can still connect on the other switch although if the central switch fails all the other switches would fail. This structure gives better performance as the main switch controls the whole network. Tree topology is used to identify the system on the network, to share information across network and allows users to have many servers on the network. Tree topology is the best topology because the signals that are transmitted by the root nodes are received by all the computers at the same time.

Hardware and Software required:
Computers and devices:
1.Router used to create a wireless network so that extra cables are not needed. 2.Firewall: a piece of hardware or software put on the network to prevent some communications forbidden by the network policy. 3.Network address translator (NAT): network service provided as hardware or software that converts internal to external network addresses and vice versa. 4.Modem: device that modulates an analog "carrier" signal (such as sound) to encode digital information, and that also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information, such as a computer communicating with another computer over a telephone network 5.Network interface controller: a piece of computer hardware allowing the attached computer to communicate by network 6.4 or more switches

Switch: a device that allocates traffic from one network segment to certain lines which connect the segment to another network segment. Unlike a hub, a switch splits the network traffic and sends it to different destinations rather than to all systems on the network. 7.Any number of PC’s and/or Wi-Fi capable devices used for school work.

Communications medium needed:
Ethernet cables is the medium I think would be best for this set up since it is cheaper than the faster fiber optic cable and many people use it anyway. Although the school can still easily upgrade to fiber optic cables later on if they find that Ethernet is not doing the job. But for this I choose Fiber optic cables because a optical fiber is a glass fiber. It uses pulses of light to transmit data. Some advantages of optical fibers over metal wires are less transmission loss, immunity from electromagnetic radiation, and very fast transmission speeds of up to trillions of bits per second. One can use different colors of lights to increase the number of messages being sent over a fiber optic cable. There is also better security from people trying to gain access to your data because if an optical fiber wire is cut or “tapped” no signals can be transmitted anymore. And I also chose a router as another medium to turn the wired network into a wired network.

Communications protocols:
Ethernet is a family of protocols used in LANs,...
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