Telecom Marketing Strategy of China

Topics: Marketing, Economics, Service system Pages: 10 (3403 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Telecom Marketing Strategy of China

【Abstract】 It’s just a dozen years in the telecommunications industry in the largest in the world advanced level. According to China's telecom industry, the status quo, to form enterprise groups, adhere to technological innovation, customer-focused marketing strategy, etc.. For the promotion of China's telecom industry rapid development, the need to adapt to the fierce market competition, is of great significance. Keywords: telecommunications companies, market conditions, Marketing Strategy

Economic globalization is the international Development of post-war Economic results. As the scientific and technological advances, the rapid Development of social productive forces, making Economic factors in international relations as a whole occupy an increasingly important position, goods, services, capital and Technology flows across borders increasingly large range of resources in a wider within the efficient allocation, International Economic cooperation has become a strategic goal. International Economic organizations vigorously promote trade, investment, and the capital. Technology and talent on a global scale is freer, more large-scale flow. This situation makes it obvious among the industry, market and customers in increasingly globalized competition, in which communication industry is much more obvious.

1 opportunities and challenges to the telecom industry
Economic globalization, making each country's economic interpenetration, interdependence of national economies with the world economy already has the indivisibility of the world economy is moving from era of industrial economy towards globalization, knowledge-based economy. Economic globalization to China's telecom Industry raised competitive pressures and challenges. Economic globalization requires the well-known international conventions and rules, but also to its development has provided rare opportunities and broad market space. 1. Economic globalization promote the globalization of communications China's accession to WTO, negotiations on telecommunications infrastructure in accordance with WTO agreements, commitments for foreign liberalization of the telecommunications market, the tide of the world's telecommunications market liberalization in the 21st century can not be stopped. In the telecommunications industry, the telecommunications industry, the fastest-growing prospects for the best telecommunications companies in developed countries by virtue of its strong capital and Technology strength, intensified to penetrate developing countries to seize the market. Those in order to further promote the global telecommunications market liberalization in other countries have actively implemented consistent with national policy standards for the telecommunications policy in order to accelerate the pace of integration of the global telecommunications market. In short, economic globalization has brought globalization of communications, the current wave of global telecommunications restructuring and mergers and surging, it is an indisputable fact. 2. Economic globalization has brought the globalization of telecommunications enterprises Economic globalization has brought industry, globalization, according to statistics; at present multinational corporations around the world nearly 40000 of its subsidiaries located in all over the world there are 250,000. They control the world's production of over 1 / 3 of the World Trade 2 / 3 of the world's foreign direct Investment 4 / 5, the transfer of technological achievements in the world 9 / 10 or more. Multinational corporations make products international, producing progress international, capital international and financing international to a new stage of history. 3. Economic globalization brought the globalization of both markets and customers Brought about by economic globalization, the internationalization of production and goods, and further promote the globalization...
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