Tefl - the Systems & Language Skills of English

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Module 3 ~ Essay 2

| The Systems; Language Skills of English|
| |
1. Take a look at the list of items below. Decide which system these relate to: lexis, phonology, grammar or function.| | I went to London; I´ve been to London.grammar|
| Lend me $5. Could you possibly lend me $5?Function|
| library; bookstorelexis|
| foot; footsgrammar|
| I'd rather not; No way!Function (grammar? Because of ;?)| | hit; heatPhonology|
| photograph; photographerLexis|
| should; must|
| |

This student would be best served to incorporate a planned combination of the systems and skills evaluated on a priority basis. She has shown to have a relatively good grasp on English Grammar and Vocabulary (based on her placement testing results), however the score was in relation to the test being in multiple choice. This is not a fair assessment of her success in a university with writing papers. As noted, she does not speak very well and has difficulty understanding even the simplest spoken language.

I would use a combination of the systems and skills to focus on what she needs. First, she needs to be able to understand and speak English, particularly when listening to and understanding lectures. Utilizing function, (and functionalism), (where she will master chucks of language and will get a better idea of how the language works overall) phonology of English, and the Phonemic Script, a better idea of how to handle difficulties in hearing and comprehending spoken English and how they can better form the sounds of the spoken language to communicate effectively) and utilizing both the productive skills (specifically speaking) and the receptive skill (specifically listening). The systems and skills have much in common and at the same time offer an excellent multi dimential approach.

Second, she needs to be fluent in reading and writing English because the test was multiple choice and although she scored high it is not a fair assessment...
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