Teens and Stress

Topics: Suicide, Adolescence, High school Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Teens and Stress
Many people think that just because you are a young teen that you have no idea what stress is like. News flash, school can be a very stressful place especially with the homework, tests, and all that. Not to mention that nowadays teens are always trying to fit in and impress everyone around them. There is also the stress about finishing highschool and choosing what college to attend and what major to pursue. Many teens have to deal with going to school and also working to earn money for their families. Teens can get just as stressed out as adults.

School can cause a lot of stress on teens especially those who are slower at getting work done. Many teens play sports so they must always keep their grades up. At many schools, teens are overwhelmed with a lot of homework and many do not understand exactly how to do it. For instance, quite a few math teachers lecture fairly lengthy and by the time they’re done lecturing class is over and the student has to do their homework at home. Test scores have became such a crucial part of their grades and when they go to take the tests they stress out over how well they’re going to do and about what they need to get on the test in order to achieve the letter grade that they want.

Nowadays, teens are always under peer pressure and always trying to impress people. In today’s society, teens are always changing themselves to simply fit in with a certain group of people. Some teens will even go as far as starving themselves or even doing illegal things such as drugs and drinking in order to fit in. Society plays a major part in the reason teens get stressed out which can lead to them becoming suicidal. Many teens commit suicide each year because they have tried to fit in but they feel like no one wants them.

Teens may also be stressed out due to having to juggle school work and working to support their family. So many teens in the world today have to work to support their families because of their parents...
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