Teenage Stress

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  • Published: March 19, 2009
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How one's body reacts to change can be called stress. These changes can come from feeling, situation, and people. For example, going to a new school is a change that can cause stress. There are many techniques to dealing with stress. The importance of handling stress is very serious, because stress affects the body in not only mentally but sometimes physically.

Teen stress can be caused by pressure, insecurities, bottled up emotions, changes and sometimes just life and handling it. Teens deal with pressure daily, pressure to smoke, to fit in, to have sex, and to basically be accepted. Even though some may be stronger than others and are able to say “No” and just walk away from the situation, they are still later taunted or pressured about the decision that they made. One's that are weak will later regret felling into the pressure. Emotions can also become very overwhelming; teens normally go through a lot of diversion with adults mainly their parent. It may not be that the child is just being rebellious, but that they have feelings that they feel nobody understands. This may cause teens to exclude themselves and keep all feelings and emotions towards adults and even any other issues that they may want to talk about to themselves to form what we call stress.

We may think of stressful events as unpleasant ones, such as losing a job or having difficulties at home or at school. Changes for the better can also cause stress, like a new baby, a wedding and a new house. Although, we wish we could get away from stressful situations or change them, most of the time we can't. What we can do is learn how to control our responses to those situations we can develop techniques that will reduce the effects of stress on our mental and physical health. Some signs of stress are: Headaches, Nervousness, Rashes, Stomachaches, Fast heartbeat, Perspiration, Lack of concentration, Forgetfulness, Drop in school performance, Carelessness, Bored, Anger

The way we think or feel about a situation can make stress good or bad. For example, if your mom told you that you will be moving to a new city, that might you stress, because it's a change. If you are excited and happy about the move then the move would be considered a good stressor. Even though sometimes stress is considered a good thing, too much stress can have a negative affect on your body, mind, and feelings. How you handle your stress has a lot to do with your health. When stress becomes too frustrating and lasts for a long period of time it can be harmful. It has been estimated that two-thirds of all visits to physicians are for stressed- related problems. Recent evidence indicates that the physical changes associated with stress may contribute to the leading causes of death- heart disease and cancer.

It is very important for teens to handle stress as soon as they feel they may have this problem, as long-term build up of stress that is not handled effectively may lead to problems, including physical illness, anxiety or depression, which all call for professional help. One method of stress management is called “TARP” method, and it had been proven effective for many. A TARP is a protective cover thrown over something- a car or boat, for example- to protect it from the elements. Likewise, the TARP method offers a form of protection to protect something harmful effects of stress. “TARP”

T- “Tune in”- Get into the habit of noticing early signs of stress. A- “Analyze”- Think about the source or causes of your stress. R- “Respond”- Deal with the cause of your stress, and its effects on you. P- “Prevent”- Develop good stress- reduction for a healthier life style.

Teenagers face a specific kind of stress. It could be problems at home with parents, with siblings, an alcoholic parent, divorce--or it could be problems at school--pressure from your teachers, pressure from your friends, or pressure from your parents to do well. Some other stresses teens face may...
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