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In Walter Lippmann's article, The Indispensable Opposition is an essay about criticism of society's failure regarding the support of political freedom and the freedom of speech in America. Lippmann uses rhetorical devices such as syntax and appeals to the audience to develop his thesis. Lippmann's main idea is that most people are indifferent towards their freedom.

Lippmann uses an example about Voltaire to help support his thesis. His example is a quote from Voltaire in which he criticized many people in his writing during his lifetime and therefore certainly believed in freedom of speech. His famous quote, & I wholly disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it. is said with a sarcastic remark. He appeals to the reader's emotions, by explaining to them that they are not stepping up and defending their rights like they should be. Lippmann states that in a sarcastic tone to portray his claim which is that he disapproves that people are apathetic about their freedom. He explains that the true reason that freedoms should exist forcing agreement from the audience.

Lippmann's article uses a variety of syntax in his writing to support his thesis. One of them is parallelism. He lists many synonyms throughout his essay that help keep the reader engaged in the greater understanding of his purpose. Some examples of parallelism are it is large, beneficial and indispensible consequences.& And We are worthy, noble, and unselfish.

Lippmann uses parallelism to help the reader develop his main idea by using synonyms so that they can link together those words and understand what he is proving. This concludes to his sentences being longer, but it refrains Lippmann from being repetitive throughout his essay. Also Lippmann's figurative language helps portray his point when he compares giving away freedom without reason to tolerating a howling baby and empathizing that no one can be sure of their righteousness.

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