Teenagers in School. Yes!

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Clelia Ximena Mendoza
Professor Jennifer Chung
Writing and Grammar III
10 May 2012

Pregnant Teenagers in School? Yes!

Having a baby when you are young will change your life. Besides referring to teenagers’ pregnancies, many people think that is a terrible idea while teens are attending school. It has been such a controversial topic. The tradition of some families to build values, mostly focusing on teenagers’ behavior and preventing their daughters from getting pregnant at a young age. Being a pregnant teenager is a hard start to life, and therefore, everything will be difficult for the teen with a baby. There is a widely held belief that a pregnant teenager is not prepared to have a baby, and has not lived long enough for this new step of being a mother. While some people believe that pregnant teenagers should not be allowed to attend school, others accept and support the idea of teens being pregnant, and that they can study at the same time. That is, some people agree with teenagers attending school while they are pregnant. They have the right to study in order to have a bright future, and once they are accepted, they are not necessarily destined to be bad influences on others.

One good reason for pregnant teenagers to attend school is to study and increase their knowledge. People cannot understand that education is the key for a successful life and a good career. Also, school is a good way for any teenagers to socialize and feel accepted. Schoolwork can keep their minds less stressed on baby thing and more focused on life’s goals. Many people judge teenagers unfairly because they get pregnant. This creates an unpleasant environment for the pregnant teenagers who already have enough stress. It is possible for a pregnant teen to focus on the studies while experiencing the difficulties of a pregnancy. Also, she needs to feel this support of her teachers and her peers.

Knowing that pregnant teenagers will be taking on more...
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