Teenage Pregnancy

Topics: Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Teen Pregnancy
Throughout life teenagers go through very tough decisions that could mold their future for the rest of their lives. At such a young age, adolescents believe that they’re old enough to make their own decisions on crucial matters. One of those choices is deciding that it’s time to have a child. Teenage pregnancy is a very difficult transition that no adolescent should put upon themselves at such a young age. Once you go through with it there’s no going back; your childhood is over, it’s time to become an adult. There are too many negative outcomes for teenage mothers that pregnancy as an adolescent should be illegal. The fear of poverty sets in along with the social challenges that accompany becoming a teen mom. Safe sex and being aware of possibly going through with an abortion should always be the option.

Most, if not all teenagers aren’t aware of the struggles that come with becoming a parent at that age. Providing for one’s self growing up is tough enough, but to take on the role of mending for another life that young is just mind boggling. The first people that come to thought that influence a decision like this have to be those adolescents’ parents. Older parents have to make a better effort in talking to their children about sex and the consequences that are associated with it. According to the New York Times article “Income Inequalities and Teenage Pregnancy”, Teenagers are most likely to seek sexual information from their friends (61 percent). Although they are least likely to seek information from their parents (32 percent), a significant number of teenagers (43 percent) express a strong desire to have more information on how to talk to their parents about sex and relationships. Adults of course aren’t the only ones to blame. The world we live in today is full of different types of media that can mislead a teen into making wrong decisions. For example, the television show “Teen Mom” on MTV is a very good portrayal of the life of an...
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