Teenage Depression

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Young adult Pages: 5 (1904 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Teenagers deal with more problems than people may think. One teenager, as described by an article, dealing with depression was sixteen and is named Jennifer. Jennifer is older now but the memories of her depression will stick with her the rest of her life. The cause of depression can be many different things that are going on in their lives. In Jennifer’s case it was the way that she looked, so she took diet pills. Something inside of her was missing, so Jennifer took diet pills to fix the emptiness she was experiencing. Jennifer wasn’t weird; she was the average American girl. Jennifer had a lot of friends, a boyfriend that cared for her, and a mom and dad that loved her. People thought Jennifer was perfect, but on the inside she was experiencing something that she didn’t like. Jennifer felt like life wasn’t worth living. Nobody knew that Jennifer was suffering from depression, not even Jennifer. One night after taking too many diet pills, Jennifer went into her parent’s room and then they took her to the hospital. To find out that Jennifer almost had a “drug-induced stroke” and suffered form sever depression (Aprile). Similar stories like Jennifer’s story happen every day, where the teenager doesn’t even know they have depression and neither do the people around them until it is too late. The definition of teenage depression is, “an emotional state marked by sadness, discouragement and loss of self-worth that occurs during the teenage years.” (Adolescent-Overview). Teenage depression has become a major problem in more than six percent of teenagers between the ages of nine to seventeen years of that have some type of depression (National Institute of Mental Health). In order to prevent teenage depression people must be aware of the people that can help the teenager overcome their depression, the cause of depression, the symptoms that can be spotted, and the treatment for teenagers that can’t over come depression. Once people are aware about teenage depression they can help prevent depression before it starts. Teenage depression is a major problem among teens, but in order to understand depression you must know what causes depression. The cause of teenager depression varies among teens. Not everyone has the same problems going on in his or her life like another person. The cause can be almost anything that is happening to the teenager, or something that is going on in the teenagers’ life at that moment. Stress can be one of the causes for the depression (National Institute of Mental Health). While experiencing the change form childhood to adulthood, the teenage body goes through a lot of changes, which can be a depressing event for the teenager (Adol. Dep. Overview). The death of a person, who the teenager cared for, can cause depression. The death of a loved one may cause the person to become sad, which is normal, but there is a point where that sadness can turn into depression. Sometimes a cause can be an “illness,” “abuse,” and other events that cause a major change in some ones life (National Institute of Mental Health). Some of the major causes of depression are, “a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, failure at school, or for no apparent reason (Adol. Dep). Another major cause can be, if the teenager is worried about the way that he or she looks to the point of getting depressed (Weeldreyer 7). Weeldreyer says that one of the major causes in teenage girls, who are at more risk to get depressed than boys, is their appearance (8). This can be a cause because the teenage girl thinks they have to be thin and beautiful as portrayed in the world. Depression can be caused by any number of things that happened in the life of a teenager. Nothing too big or too small can stop you from getting depressed; it can be anything that triggers depression. It is o.k. to be sad, which everyone gets sad at one point or another, because you can’t prevent that from happening. There is a point were the sadness gets to a point of...
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