Teen Stress

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Teenage Stress
It is one o’clock in the morning and Alice is still up trying to finish her homework! She has two essays due that next day, plus homework from other classes. She has been getting so much homework in each of her classes that she’s getting stressed out. Not only does she have school work to stress about, but she is also getting stress from her family and friends. Because of all of this Alice has been getting no sleep and a lot of headaches. Her parents have been pressuring her to get good grades so that she can get into a good college, but with the pressure come all of the stress. Stressing about all of her problems Alice is starting to do poorly in school because she can’t concentrate. She needs to learn how to relax! Having too much stress can cause many problems, but with those problems come many solutions. Finding the solutions to this problem should be everyone’s goal because everyone has stress in their lives. Alice is one of the many people out there who have been building up the stress which is resulting in people doing poorly. Alice needs to learn how to reduce the stress in her life by using one of the many solutions out there. If one doesn’t work for her then she has other options to choose from. Hopefully she finds that one solution that is perfect for her. Teenagers have too much stress in their lives and we need to find ways on how to fix this problem.

Students nowadays have way too much stress in their lives, and this is leading to many problems. The problem with stress is that it is leading to bad health in the body and on the mind. This has been a problem for many people for a long time. It becomes a problem when it comes and goes for no reason, you can’t get rid of it, and it affects your daily life, according to glasgowsteps.com. Everyone everywhere can have daily stress. It is not common for people to have it. But when it becomes too much it can be dangerous. Like I said before stress can affect all kinds of people. “Stress can affect all of us - young and old, outgoing and shy, clever or not, male and female, rich and poor” (“When Does Stress…” online). This quote shows that, no matter how old or what type of person someone is stress can affect them either way. But not everyone may have as much stress as other people do. Stress is a problem because it can cause people to do poorly and make poor judgments. For example, stress can cause people to lose sleep, which in terms will affect them the next day. “It is very important for teens to learn to handle stress, as long-term build-up of stress that is not handled effectively may lead to problems, including physical illness, anxiety or depression, which calls for professional help” (“Helping Teens Cope…” online). This shows why stress is a problem and why it needs to be dealt with. One solution that can relieve stress from a teenagers mind is to exercise. Exercising is a good way to relieve stress because it can distract the mind on another activity. “One of the most effective stress reducers is regular exercise. Evidence shows that those who are in good physical shape don't have as many problems with stress” (McGrath online). This shows that exercise is not only an effective way to reduce stress, but it also shows that it is one of the best ways. According to this quote people who exercise regularly and are in a good shape don’t need to deal with stress as much as others do. This can really help students keep focused in school and not worrying about other things that are bothering them. “Exercise also can improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress, depression and anxiety. All this can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of command over your body and your life” (“Stress Management” online). If exercise helps improve sleep, this can really help teenagers and their stress levels because some of the stress students get comes from not getting enough sleep the night before. Not getting enough sleep can add to the stress...
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