Teen Pregnancy and Reality Tv

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Teenage Pregnancy: Society’s Newest Trend
After being raised with three sisters, I’ve come to notice that your typical teenage girl spends the majority of her time thinking about clothes, school, and boys. While I could be wrong about the clothes and school part, the numbers give me a leg to stand on when it comes to boys, 76.4 girls per 1,000 females who are pregnant are spending all of their time worrying about bringing a child into the world due to teen pregnancy (Henshaw, 2004). Within the past decade or so, the perception of teenage pregnancy has changed from an act of wrongdoing that is frowned upon to a “fashionable baby bump”. Why has this perception changed? I’d be willing to bet it’s from all of the new reality television shows and movies portraying teen pregnancies and not enough parent involvement.

In the United States, teenage pregnancy has become a common occurrence with three out of ten girls getting pregnant before the age of twenty (Dooley, 2010). Most young teenagers feel as if conception will never come from their scandalous deeds but, in fact, it happens more often than what we think. What is causing teenagers to experiment in consensual sexual activity at such a young age? A sample survey was given to eighth graders in New York community both sexual active and those who abstained. Researchers found that these teenagers engaged in sexual activity due to having used marijuana and being drunk (Little and Rankin, 2001). Another finding is teenagers think consensual sex is a “social craze;” for instance, boys initiate sex to become popular and/or raise their social status and girls have sex to “attain approval” (Little and Rankin, 2001). The survey brings to light that sex education is not the only thing necessary to combat teen pregnancy, but also alcohol and drug abuse education. I am not only pointing a finger at MTV but their latest television series depicting teens being pregnant really makes my blood boil. 16 and Pregnant and The...
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