Teen Bullying and Suicide

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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A dream is just a dream. Until it comes true. And if it does, you may or may not be in trouble. I would. My dreams are filled with nightmares and water. I drown in most of them. The others are just cruel. They scare me so much sometimes. I once had a dream that I was drowning at my friend Maisie’s house. We were in her back yard, in the little two foot pool. I started to fall asleep while in the water, and ended up under water, as it filled my lungs. The water was warm, which had surprise me. It was sunny, though, so it kind of made sense. I hardly felt the water as I slowly drifted to my death while I breathed in more and more water, making it incapable of pushing myself above water. My eyes were wide as I heard Maisie screaming for me to wake up. I guess she half expected me to shoot up out of the water, breathing like I had just ran a marathon. But I didn’t. Instead, I lay there, sunken into the water, watching the beautiful rays of light fade to black. Only then did he pull me out of the water. I didn’t know who he was, because I didn’t see his face, but he rescued me. I was shocked! So much that I had awoken at that moment; His ragged arms, no longer around my waist. His magnetizing breath, no longer lingered. My lungs, no longer filled with enchanting water. Who was he? Who had rescued me? It was all a mystery. None of it was real, I thought to myself. It was time to get up for school, my alarm had gone off without my knowing, and I was running late. My mother would soon lecture me on what time I should get up and what time I should sleep, but for now she would sit at the breakfast table, silently sipping at a warm coffee that she had made over an hour ago. Her blonde hair was in a messy bun at the top of her triangular head. Her clothes were a small pair of white sweat pants, with an American Eagle symbol on the thigh, and her sweatshirt was worn thin, for it was her favorite. It was also white, but to my surprise, it was an Aeropostle long-sleeved...
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