Ted Bundy

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. His name has become synonymous with “murder.” For years, he went undetected while he kept his murder spree secret from all that were close to him and loved him. Serial killings are considered one of the most terrifying and violent crimes in the United States. The majority of serial killers commit their murders over a considerable period of time; Ted Bundy’s murder spree lasted for years. Sometimes these crimes are years apart. Serial killers are usually white males of at least average intelligence who target a certain type of victim, and the crimes are committed in similar places each time. In most cases they fall into one of two major classes of serial killers: psychotic and psychopathic. Most serial killers are considered psychopathic, meaning that they are in touch with reality and know the difference between right and wrong. The major difference they have from regular people is that they lack a conscience, or it is too weak to prevent them from doing something wrong, so they kill without feeling guilt or remorse. Some experts believe that a psychopathic killer can be born through genetics, being born with a predisposition to kill. Other experts believe this type of personality develops due to environmental factors, such as some type of abuse during their upbringing. Many experts also believe that this type of killer results from a combination of genetics and environment. Ted Bundy is considered a psychopathic serial killer. Serial killers are relatively rare in the community of killers, and sexually motivated serial killers are even rarer. This makes Ted Bundy an individual with a rare type of personality, but he seemed normal to all that knew him. Ted Bundy seemed normal to everyone he knew. His mother thought of him as the ideal son. To his many girlfriends, he was “a tender lover, attentive companion, romantic suitor, the sort who sent flowers and love poems.” Men envied his handsome looks...
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