Techonolgy Is Boon or Bane?

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Teaching Through Technology : Boon or Bane

Today we live in the age of
took themselves to be intelligent read the
information technology. Undoubtedly,
assigned text. However, the axis has shifted
technology has crept in almost all walks of
in modern times and teaching today has
life. The field of education is no exception. In
become learner centered. Nevertheless,
the first half of the twentieth century, the
competent and efficient teachers are the back-
industrial revolution brought transformation
bone of any institution. It is a teacher who
in every field. Time is a witness to the changes
has a special responsibility of awakening the
shaping from slate, blackboard, chalk to the
creative sensibility of the learner as well as
use of various electronic and digital devices
to formulate different methods so as to impart
of mass media. The century saw not only the
quality education. It is said that teachers have
explosion of population but also the explosion
the potential to make or mar the nation.
of knowledge and technology. Whereas the
Before I take up this discussion
population explosion highlighted the
further, it is important to understand the
interdependence of people of the world, the
nature of instructional material that
electronic revolution completely reshaped old
technology provides. Ellington (1987) has
notions of education. Since then, technology
classified it into seven categories:
in education has been functioning at three
(a) Printed and duplicated materials;
(b) Non-projected display materials;
(a) Preservation of knowledge (in
(c ) Still projected display materials;
forms of books; audio and
(d) Audio materials;
visual recordings and so on)
(e) Linked audio with still visual
(b) Transmission of knowledge
(role of radio, television, video
(f ) Cine and video materials;
conferencing, internet and the
(g) Computer-mediated materials.
Broadly seen, Ellington’s
(c) Advancement of knowledge
classification, with reference to technology
(collecting data, recording
today, can be clubbed under two categories
data, advance research
on the basis of their production and utilization:
mechanisms etc.)
hardware material and software material.
In the word of Gases, use of technology
Hardware materials are the electro-mechanical
in education “has to be seen as part of
equipments such as overhead projectors, slide
persistent and complex endeavour of bringing
pro jectors, tape recorders, motion pictures,
pupils, teachers, and technical means together
television, computers and so forth. They have
in an effective way.” (Rao, 44).
their origin in physical sciences and applied
If one tries to investigate, in earlier
engineering. Hardware material is based on
days the primary concern of a teacher was
the concept of service. Therefore, they
to impart information to the student,
transmit, amplify, distribute, record and
primarily in lecture format. The students
reproduce stimuli materials providing a
would sit in class, listen to the words of
dramatic increase in the teacher’s impact on
wisdom, and take notes. Those students who
the learner. Software does not have a material
Associate Professor, Department of English, Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyala, Khanpur *
Kalan, Sonipat, Haryana.
Vol. XIII, No.1, November, 2009

form and are stored or used with the help of
of the teacher. For example, a radio. A radio
hardware. Hence, software materials, more
broadcasts voice and generally the
or less, owe their origin to behavior sciences
programmes are oriented towards creating a
and their applied aspect concerning
sense of intimacy between the presenter and
psychology of learning. It includes
the listener. As a result, a radio is often
programmes and data produced with the help
perceived as a ‘friend’ with voice. In a country
of newspapers, magazines, flash cards,...
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