Technology's Invasion of Privacy to Prevent Crime

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Colin Holter
English Period 5
March 11, 2013
Technology Invading Privacy to Prevent Crime
Privacy is a basic right that is appreciated by everyone who has it, regardless of location, background, or even political and religious beliefs. Some people think that it is more important to protect the common good by allowing the government to spy and track as they wish and prevent crime from happening. However, many others think that the government should not have this right to invade privacy using technology. The 4th amendment guarantees safety from searches and seizures. Also, the Constitution states that we should be secure in our own country meaning we shouldn’t have to worry about invasiveness from our own government. There are many forms of spyware, trackers, recorders, etcetera that can be used to invade privacy. They can do this by watching what one does online, tracking one’s vehicle movement, and using X-Rays at airports to look for hidden under clothing. The government should not be able to use technology to invade the privacy of citizens in order to prevent crime because it violates the Constitution, citizens should be able to live free from excess government interference, and technology is often inconsistent.

Using technology with invasive intentions is unconstitutional. More specifically, it violates the 4th amendment (Airport Security). Breaking the laws laid down by the Founding Fathers is taking away from America’s freedom and the civil rights of the people that are protected by the Constitution. The law that one should be safe from unfair searches and seizures is a basic right (US Const. amend. IV). This shows that the people aren’t getting the individual rights that they deserve. The minimum requirement for a search is to have a probable, or reasonable, cause (US Const. amend. IV). Without probable cause, time is wasted and the citizens of America aren’t as free to go about their daily lives. However, using technology invasively...
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