Technology & Management Functions

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Technology and Management Functions
“Information technology is transforming how business and government enterprises operate and, as a result, how people work. Information is the critical raw material for decision making and the foundation for producing products and providing services. People create information; people use information; people control information. The growing economic importance of information in modern society led sociologists such as Alvin Toffler and John Naisbitt to characterize our society as the Information Age. In fact, more than half of today’s workforce is employed in information-related jobs, compared to less than 20 percent 30 years ago. Most of those people spend a significant portion of their workday “in the office,” which might be at home, in a hotel room, at the airport, in a car, in a plane, or at some other remote location, as well as in a traditional office building.” At my company, management expects technology to improve business in many ways: •Automate Business Processes

Enhance Communication
Access Accurate Information
Develop Teams
Meeting / Exceeding Customer Needs
Automating business processes help our people concentrate more on productive tasks and less on repetitive non-value added time; helping reduce costs as well as the challenges of doing business. Our system automatically generates our training requirements every 90 days as well as automatically distributes reminder email notification to complete this training to both the employee and their respective manager. By using automation of business processes, it reduces routine tasks and simplifies the creation and distribution of business documents and reports. Our company is developing a quality improvement team to research additional areas in which we can improve in this area. In the development of this team, it is imperative to have contingency plans for when technology fails. Enhancing communication is essential in every...
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