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  • Published : January 25, 2006
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In the past, technology has put people out of jobs. The Industrial Revolution is one of the best examples, which took place in the 1800's that helps support my idea. This was a time in America when people started to find out the advantages of work done by machines. The machines were able to do the work up to 10 times faster than the manual laborer. Along with this, the machines became a more reliable source of work. They were always there and never complained, simply because they were unable to complain. With the problems of people being unreliable and not wanting to do work obsolete people were able to see how much money mass productions brought in to their companies.

Machines do much of today's companies work because machines are able to do work faster and more accurately. With computers becoming more advanced, they are able to do more and more things with a smaller margin of error. We trust them to help us with our work, we trust them to help fight and defend our homeland. "As time goes on, computers will be able to do any job, and will be able to do jobs easier and more accurate than humans, they have already taken over the jobs of mass producing, taking millions of people out of jobs"(McCony). Computers are already starting to take over jobs that require someone to go and interact with another person. The Internet is an example of how technology is taking over those kinds of jobs. Now if you want you can buy food, clothing, and cars off the Internet making it easier for people to do things by themselves and to become more isolated from other people. Simple things like this will lead to people being more reliable on technology to help them live their life.

As we move on with our lives we are going to have to accept the fact that technology is becoming a part of everything we do. It almost seems farfetched to think of the idea that technology could have the power to make us obsolete, but if you look throughout history, technology has...
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