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Topics: Sociology, Computer, Computing Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: May 25, 2013
With the high development of technology, including smart phones, tablets, cloud computing, computers, etc., human beings nowadays benefit a lot from them without a doubt. Technology not only makes our lives more convenient but changes the ways that people used to interact with others and live their lives. Nonetheless, there are several potential risks and dangers when people only work and socialize with the internet or computer screens. Mankind may become more and more indifferent toward others. With the high convenience of the internet, for instance, online-shopping is getting popular, people almost could fulfill all their needs via computers, and therefore they do not have to get out of their houses anymore. What they really need to do is only several clicks on the screens. The lack of meeting others, or knowing new friends, people might be getting used to merely caring those who they often keep in touch and their selves things. In addition, website criminals might grow rampantly while people depend on the computers too much. For example, those online transactions, social networks, or cloud computing drives which require users leaving their personal information might be in the risk of being stolen by hacker attack. Furthermore, there are also some criminals getting advantage of being able to hide their true identity on the website to do some illegal activities, such as sexual harassments, advertising spam, or even fraud. As a result, the safety of our society might be influenced massively. There is no denying that the innovation of technology and computers makes communication easier in modern society. Some people say the evolution of computer and internet conquer the geographic barriers and let information flow could be passed immediately, improving our living standards; however, it does reduce the chance of people’s face-to-face contact and outdoor activities, which causes people to lose their capability of interacting with others and even feel awkward in the...
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