Technology Development in Athens Georgia

Topics: Five Guys, Intuit, Quicken Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: December 28, 2012
I have often wondered why no one has done a story on high tech small business growth in Athens. We have, Coraid, Digital Insight - now a division of Intuit, Partners software, Deal Mobs, Orderite (touchblock is the tradename ) are all companies that have started in Athens. These are simply the names of businesses that I have heard about through people that I have met in my restaurant. Coraid is the biggest and fastest growing company. They are leasing the top floor and a half of the Fred Building downtown. They are also the hardest to explain. They sell hardware that allows businesses to store their data on hard drives that are connected by ethernet to the servers. This removes a bottle neck caused by increasing traffic between virtualized servers and storage. Orderite is now headquartered in Atlanta, but it was founded here and the chief software writer and installer of their products still live here. They supply temperature monitoring equipment for restaurants like DePalma's Italian Cafes and Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Digital Insight powers the online portion of my local bank, First American. It allows easy integration of your banking data into cloud based quicken software. Partners software writes software that allows smaller electrical coops to react to storm damage and other problems on their electrical grid with tools similar to what Ga Power uses. Deal Mobs is pretty easy to recognize from their advertising. I am sure there are lots of smaller firms located at UGA that lease space especially related to biotech, forestry, and veterinary sciences. Four Athens is a locally based technology incubator brought here by the founders of Deal Mobs. If you spoke with them you could start following any new ventures they are helping. Please note that none of these companies have required any help to get started from Athens disconnected and disjointed series of politically minded committees, governing bodies, and the University. There is actually a large body of...
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