Developing Good Business Sense

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Developing Good Business Sense


April 10, 2010

Title of Paper

The three companies I chose were and international company called Kodak, a small business company called Pacific Porcelain, and a clothing store called Kohls. The first company is retailer of goods such as photo paper, copiers, printers, and electronic cameras throughout the world. They are mostly known for their picture taking items. The second company is a toilet manufacturing and distribution company that provides toilets to customers who are business such as construction, remodel, and handymen. The third company is also a retail company, but this company provides clothing and accessories also throughout the United States. All three of these companies have a different way that they operate during the input, output, and operations stages. The first company has local businesses world wide that monitor their own input and output. Each works directly with the head manufacturing office for each of the products. This company is different because they make their own products and they sell what they make. By eliminating the middle man or other company, there is no need to be watched. All of the items are in standard prepackaged and ready for sale. This helps the overall operation when they need supplies for employees because they know exactly what is in stock and available to the customers. That saves on other time and expenses and in turn saves on costs. My second company has a materials management department locally in the corporate office. That department takes care of both the importation and exportation in all needed items. In terms of the importation, the employees do extensive research about potential needed items and parts for those products. They compare prices and quality to find the lowest possible costs that has the highest quality for their products. Even when an acquisition specialist has chosen something that would save money or production costs, they...
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