Technology Contingency Plan

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Unfortunately, computers crash and Internet connections fail—usually at the most inconvenient times. It is extremely important to have a plan in place, just in case. After all, Instructors expect assignments to be turned in on time, regardless of technical difficulties.

Tip: Update this information each time you begin a course.

Institution Website Addresses
If your computer is not working, you may need to access your online courses and other services from a different computer. Often students do not memorize these addresses as they are bookmarked on the computer.

Institution website address:

Website address for accessing online courses:

Two Alternative Computers
Identify a minimum of two alternative computers that you could use at any time throughout the term in case your primary computer is not working.

Alternative Computer 1


Alternative Computer 2


File Backup System
Backup or save your course files weekly to an external drive (recommended), recordable CD or DVD, or other data storage device. This ensures you will have access to important files even if you cannot access your computer.

I will backup files to this item or device:

File Backup Schedule
It is important to backup your files regularly. A best practice is to select a time and day each week to complete this task, then write it on your weekly calendar.

I will backup files on this day each week:

Contact Information
It is important to have contact information printed out for reference in case of a technology failure.

Technology Support Services
Student Support Team
(Your institution may refer to this as the Help Desk or Technical Support.)


Online Classroom
(Your institution’s Help Desk may not be able to solve your issue with the online classroom, and may refer you to the online classroom vendor.)


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