Job Shadowing

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Frankie Hogan
June 22, 2009
Job Shadowing
Information Management Officer
Mrs. Nicole Harris

In my quest to find a professional to job shadow I could not come up with anyone better than my supervisor Donnie Pugh. He is the Information Management Officer (IMO) for the U.S. Army Forces Command G3/5/7 directorate. After close observation over the past month I discovered just how much education, training and basic knowledge is required to fill such a position.

An IMO should be able to keep the directorate informed of all major developments concerning scheduled computer outages and followed up on all non-scheduled outages with Forces Command G6 directorate to ascertain downtime for the directorate. They replace equipment that has been out of warranty identified under the life cycle management program and use several database tools to help manage computer assets, space, and personnel computer needs throughout the directorate using a schematic displaying specifically by division/section, where computer assets, space, and personnel are located.

IMO’s develop and put into practice a policy of maintaining (constantly updated/upgraded) several laptop computers in the IMO office and issue to users on a temporary basis, rather than a permanent basis whereas these laptops are idle for 95% of the time. This saves in return saves on the number of laptop computers that need to be purchased and the amount of time that it takes to update or rejoin to the Forces Command domain after being off the network for over 30 days. They should be develop a local file backup plan for users on the executive team whereas essential files (personal mail folders, desktop files, favorites, etc.) that are not being backed up on network drives, are backed up to an alternate site.

An IMO should also be able to supervise a team of two Information Technology Specialist and one Support Services Specialist. They must able to give guidance, direction, and training on how to configure...
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