Technology: Can We Live Without It??

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  • Published: September 18, 2011
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“You’ve got mail!“ Or nowadays people have the latest hit song as their messaging tone. Technology has come a long way over the past twenty years. The Internet and technology have advanced tremendously and with cell phones turning into “smartphones.” It seems people today just have it made with the world at their fingertips. The question arises: are people really using technology and the new advances that come along almost everyday the right way? Also, what kind of impact does technology had on human nature? Is it for the better or can it lead to crippling social isolation?

Technology does not help human character. It separates people from nature and from themselves. Technology seems to take away people’s emotions. "As human beings we need direct, natural experiences; we require fully activated senses in order to feel fully alive" (Opposing Viewpoints in Context). Face to face contact is very limited with all the advances in technology and it is making people “artificial.” Technology has made people lazy, impatient and maybe even depressed.

The world depends on technology constantly. It is uncommon to see people pass by without their face in the phone or headphones and an iPod. Technology seems like it commands the world. It has brought on great things such as cars, microwaves, advances in medicine and even alarm clocks, but is society too dependent? Not many people can remember a simple seven digit phone number without scrolling through their contacts. Technology seems to have placed a damper on the common sense of people. Society relies on Google and YouTube if a problem needs to be fixed rather than finding out themselves or asking an actual person for assistance. It is like a child asking their parent for help on homework and the parent just doing the work for the child. The child will never learn anything but, “I can just charm mommy with my cute dimples and I will never have to do homework again.” It is nice to have a crutch every now and again, but...
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